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  • The Main Event Cabo is an event design studio with 300 square foot loft style show room, located in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. A series of inspirational tables-capes and lounge installation, vintage goods, an inspirational playground for anyone planning an event.
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  • Cabo Wedding Flowers

    What’s the one floral question that we hear from almost every single Cabo bride? The #1 question is always, “Can you get __________ in Cabo?” Fill in the blank with the flower of your choice! As floral designers, we

    Handcrafted designs

    Vintage (adjective): pleasantly reminiscent of an earlier time. Some other similar words might be: retro, old-world, antique or quaint. All sound cool to us at The Main Event Cabo. We love vintage

    Vintage and Romantic

    This table-scape completes the scenery of this unique location in Los Cabos. As we start creating decor collections for our clients, we also select the greatest locations available. Everything blends in harmony with

    Los Cabos event design

    Being right on the beach, it only makes sense that many of our weddings have a beach theme. But a nautical theme, which also goes so well with our oceanside destination, is so fun as well! Tapping into blue and white